5 Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

During cold winters, it’s advised to keep your cat inside. Your cat needs your help so they stay active even while they’re indoors.

-Cat Tree
A cat tree provides great climbing opportunities, plus vantage points to check out what the family is doing. Place it next to a window so your cat can see the outdoors.

-Play Time
Play with your cat everyday. Try different kinds of toys that your cat can stalk, pounce, and chase. When you’re done playing, put the toy away so your cat doesn’t harm himself. When you can’t be there to supervise, leave out “toys” such as paper bags (with the handles removed) or cardboard boxes. Be sure to switch toys occasionally to keep things interesting.

-Bring the outdoors in
Plant some cat grass so your kitty can graze indoors.

-Fence in an outdoor area
Allow your cat to safely enjoy the outdoors by fencing in a deck or patio. Make sure you cat-proof your yard, removing any toxic plants or gardening chemicals, and securing any possible escape routes.

-Keep it clean
Make sure you keep their litter box tidy, for the sake of you and your cat!

An indoor cat can be just as fun and adventurous as an outdoor one, if you provide them the right opportunities!