Celebrate The Holidays With Your Pets, Safely

Decorating for the holidays is always a special time. However, for your pets, it can be quite confusing. Changes all around their environment can also lead to health hazards. Lights, decorations, candles, and a Christmas tree make the holidays a very festive season for us, but they also pose temptations that can be quite risky for your pets. Here is a list of some of the items to look out for with your pet when it comes to decorating this holiday season.

  • Candles as festive and attractive as they are to us, curious pets may also find them irresistible so make sure your pet is never left alone with a candle that is lit. This can help prevent burns and fire.
  • Potpourris, both solid and liquid forms should never be allowed to be at a level where a curios pet can reach them. Both can cause serious health risks if ingested.
  • Festive plants and holiday flowers such as Amaryllis, Balsam, Cedar, Holly, Mistletoe, and Pine, if eaten, are poison for your pets. Poinsettias should also be kept away from your pet. These lists from the ASPCA show what plants are toxic for both cats and dogs.
  • Christmas trees are another big hazard for curious pets that may want to play with or climb on/in them. They can be easily tipped over so, if you have a young or very curious pet, you may want to consider anchoring the tree to the wall, doorframe, or ceiling with string or fishing line to avoid any dangers from broken ornaments and lights. 
  • Water preservatives for plants and trees can be serious health hazards for your pets if you add things to the water to keep your “live” tree last longer. Things like sugar or aspirin added to the water of your tree can be tempting and life-threatening for the pets you have in the house.
  • Ornaments are another hazard for your pets. Broken glass or sharp plastic ornaments can cause serious injury. Curious pets can also try to eat the ornaments leading to dangerous intestinal blockage or toxicity. Any homemade ornaments made from salt dough or other tempting materials should always be kept up and away from your pets.
  • Electric lights also need to be kept up and away from curious pets to avoid electric shock, burns, or fire.

We hope these tips help keep your pets safe this holiday season and you are able to have a safe and happy holiday! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call, and in the event of an after-hours emergency, give The Hope Center a call at (703) 281-5121.