Common Emergency Conditions in Dogs

For most pet owners, there will come a time when an emergency arises for your pet. There are many different things that can happen and we would like to give you a little information so you can be prepared if and when the situation happens to your dog.

The first thing you should always do is contact your veterinarian or emergency animal hospital since you won’t want to waste time searching for a phone number at that time, we suggest having the phone number AND address in programmed into your phone so anyone can call them if you are busy attending to your pet.

Some common emergency issues in dogs are:

Trauma: This can include any injury or accident such as being hit by a car, animal fight, falling, cuts, tears, and scrapes that won’t stop bleeding, broken bones, and signs of shock.

Toxin Ingestion or Exposure: There are so many dangerous chemicals in our homes, garages, and gardens nowadays. Reactions will vary depending on the exposure. If you suspect any type of poison or chemical, it is important to get your dog to a veterinarian immediately so they can try to determine what it is an combat the effects.

Choking or Breathing Problems: If your dog is choking or displaying any signs of breathing discomfort or has stopped breathing completely this can be one of the most serious issues and requires immediate attention from a veterinarian team. If you witness your dog gasping, wheezing, gagging or if you notice their gums are not their usual color, do not wait!

Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus: Also known as GDV or bloat occurs when the dog’s stomach expands, rotates, and then traps gas within the stomach. Bloat will quickly cut off the blood supply to the spleen and stomach. If you notice your dog has a firm, bloated stomach, tries to throw up but nothing comes out, wants to just lay around or becomes very restless and paces, begins to drool excessively and you notice the gums become pale, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

We also suggest learning some basic dog first aid, in the event that your dog needs assistance before you can reach a veterinarian. If your pet needs medical attention in the Tysons Corner, VA area, we are here to help. Give McLean Animal Hospital a call today at (703) 356-500, or for after-hours care call the Hope Center (703) 281-5121.