Do Cats Really Not Like Water?

You have probably heard that all cats hate water, although this is not entirely true. There are many cats that actually enjoy playing in smalls streams of water, while some others even like swimming. The majority of cats, however, do seem to have an aversion to water, especially being fully submerged, and there may be a good reason for that. 

One possible reason is that cat fur is somewhat water-resistant. It may feel unusual or uncomfortable for them to have their entire body completely saturated with water.  

They may also not appreciate the change in their scent. Cats spend a large part of their day grooming themselves, so when their scent is changed, it means they will have to spend time getting things back to normal.

Adult cats that have not been bathed since they were young may be skittish to such a strange new event happening to them. Introducing your kitten to baths may make it an easier process to get them accustomed to the feeling of water on them. 

Historically cats in the wild are not found to live near, or often enter, bodies of water in search of food. So, why would your domesticated kitty be any different? 

If you notice that your cat has gotten into something muddy or sticky, act quickly to get them cleaned up. Wash your cat in clean, warm water, free of any bubble bath or products made for humans. Make sure they have a towel or something for them to hold onto and keep from slipping. Avoid getting their face wet and dry them off thoroughly.

Although most cats will not be a fan of bathing, sometimes it is an unavoidable situation. To ensure a more successful outcome, be patient and speak softly to your feline companion. 

If you ever find that bathing your cat is more than you can handle, call our office at 703-356-5000 to schedule your cats grooming appointment at our Tysons Corner, VA veterinary office.