Emergency Preparedness with Pets

Hopefully, you and your family are prepared with plans and kits should an emergency or natural disaster strike. But are you prepared to protect your pets? Remember – if your home isn’t safe for you, it won’t be safe for your animals either. Get the following in order so you’re prepared if the unthinkable ever occurs.

1. Alert emergency crews with a sticker

Purchase an emergency alert sticker to put in your front window that lets emergency crews know what pets are inside if they come to your home. You should note how many animals and what kinds are in the house on the sticker. If you do evacuate with your pets, write EVACUATED on the sticker so crews know they are safe.

2. Choose a designated caregiver

Select a neighbor or someone who lives nearby who could go collect your pets if you’re unable to. This person should have a spare key to your home, and know where your pets are and how to care for them. This should also be a person who will likely be available during the day so they can access your pets while you’re at work.


3. Stock your disaster kit

In addition to food and supplies for yourself, your emergency preparedness kit should include pet supplies. Food, water, and medications for your dog or cat should all be included, and restocked as neccesssary.