Fun Low-Maintenance Pets!

Is your family dying for a pet, but you’re worried about the responsibility of a dog or cat? There are many more low-maintenance animals that provide a lesson in responsibility for your kids, and are fun to play with. Consider some of these pets for your family.


Betta Fish

Betta fish come in a variety of vibrant colors, much more exciting than the traditional goldfish. All you need is a 1-3 gallon bowl of treated tap water to keep these fish happy. They’ll even perform for you – When one male spots another, he’ll blow bubble nests and do some dramatic tough-guy posturing (called “flaring”); he’ll even put on the same show if he happens to catch sight of himself in a tiny mirror in his bowl. They live about 3-5 years.


Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are fun to watch crawl around, and can provide a lesson to your kids! Place your hermit crab in a plastic aquarium with some gravel on the bottom. As they grow, they molt their shells, and you will need tp provide new shells for them. Kids love to pick out new shells, and watch the crab crawl into his new home. Hermit crabs are also very cheap, and their food can easily be found at pet stores.