Handmade Dog Toys For The Holidays!

Celebrate the holidays with your favorite pooch by making him a handmade dog toy! This project only requires items you have around the house, and you can easily make many toys for your own pets or to give to other pet owners!

What you’ll need:




3 Old T-shirts/Rags (Bonus points if they’re holiday colors!)

Old Tennis Ball


  1. Lay out your shirts and cut three strips, around 20 inches long and 3 inches wide. Do this with all three shirts.


  1. Take your nine strips and tie them in a strong knot at the top.


  1. Make a basic braid with the strips, grouping the 3 strips of each color together.


  1. Cut two holes in the tennis ball that line up so the fabric can be thread through.


  1. Thread the braid through the tennis ball.


  1. Tie a strong knot at the bottom and you’re done!


Your dog will love playing fetch with this colorful toy. And if it becomes unraveled or gets destroyed, it’s easy to make new strips with another t-shirt!


If you don’t have any shirts, or if you’re planning to make a lot of dog toys, you can go to the fabric store and purchase a yard of three different types of fabric. Look for fabrics in red, green, or with Christmas patterns. You can also make a winter toy with blue, white, and snowflake patterns!