How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion for Your Dog

Summer time can be risky for pets, who are highly susceptible to heat exhaustion. You might not realize how hot it is, until its too late.


It’s important to keep a close eye on your dog as temperatures rise. They need shade, they also need to always have clean, cool water.

If a dog’s temperature reaches 108 degrees, they are at risk of death.


Take your dog on walks early in the morning or later at night once it cools down. If you go running, perhaps leave your dog at home, or be prepared to take more frequent breaks.


Your dog may have heat exhaustion if they begin panting excessively. If this happens, get them a cool drink of water, and wet their paws or their body with a hose, placing them in a small pool, or even a bathtub.


If their condition worsens, take them to a veterinarian for a thorough investigation. Heatstroke can cause unseen problems, such as swelling of the brain, kidney failure, and abnormal clotting of blood. On the way to the veterinarian, travel with the windows open and the air conditioner on.