How to Care for Older Cats

If your cat is getting older, you might notice some changes. Just like humans, as cats age, the amount of care they need will increase, particularly with their diet and nutrition.

As cats age, they often do not eat a high enough volume of food to maintain a healthy weight. To combat this, you should provide access to fresh food 2-4 times daily for your older cat. It can be dry or canned food, whichever they prefer.

Your cat might like being petted while they are eating, and it will encourage them to eat more. This will also allow you to note any issues your cat might have while eating, such as having trouble chewing or dropping the food.

If your older cat is not eating, putting treats on top of their food can encourage them to eat more. Try giving your cat small bits of food at a time until he has eaten enough, petting him throughout. It’s important to take this care so your pet can live a long, healthy life.