How to Have a Safe Halloween with your Pet

Halloween is fun for humans, but can be very scary for pets. Avoid a trip to the ER and have a safe Halloween with these tips.


We often see emergencies over Halloween for dogs who are vomiting or have diarrhea from eating candy or other treats. Some dogs may have stress-related problems because of the changes in the environment, like decorations and costumes.


During halloween, the number one thing you can do is keep candy out of reach.  Chocolate is one of the main ones, but also be wary of sugar-free candies because some of them can have the ingredient xylitol, which can be dangerous for dogs as well.Wrappers can also be a problem – so put them in a closed trash can.


If your dog does ingest chocolate, it takes varying levels to from from hazardous to an emergency situation.Lighter chocolates are less reactive and the darker baking chocolates are more dangerous. It also depends on the dog’s size; a little yorkie versus a German shepherd. Call our office and let us know the size of your dog and how much chocolate they ate so we can help you determine what to do next.


If your dog likes wearing costumes, keep an eye on them at all times to make sure they don’t chew off any part of it and eat it. And if your pet seems like they don’t like wearing the costume, take it off immediately.


If your dog gets stressed-out by trick or treaters, keep them in the back of the house, as far from the front door as possible. Turn on some music or the TV to distract them. The constant doorbell rings, as well as kids in costumes, can be a big stressor.


Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with tags and is microchipped in case they get out. Halloween is a chaotic night, and you want your dog to be able to return safely.