How To Have A Stress-Free Vet Visit

Some pets just don’t like the vet. But there are a few tricks you can try to relax your pet and ensure it’s a stress-free experience for you and your pet.


Be prepared

If you are nervous or unprepared for your vet visit, your pet will know it. Have all the details organized before you get there, so you don’t get flustered. Compile your pet’s medical history, lists of medications and recent concerns and have that information at your fingertips on your phone or on paper. Check your wallet to be sure you have cash or another form of payment that your vet accepts. Be sure your pet has eaten, exercised and relieved himself before heading out, unless your veterinarian has recommended otherwise.

Keep your pet safe

Be sure to leash your dog to and from the car and secure him in his seat with a pet harness or whatever device you use. For little dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals, use a carrier. Keeping your pet secure into and out of the vet’s office will help ease everyone’s anxiety.

Bring a favorite toy

A favorite toy or blanket will help calm your pet. Make sure it’s easily accessible, either in your bag, in the car, or your animal carrier. An item that smells like your home can be put on the exam table to make it less scary as well.