How to Make a DIY Dog Toy

Treat your dog to a homemade toy! Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or just something for your good boy, a DIY dog toy is fun and easy to make. Your dog will love playing with a toy you made yourself. Here’s how to make one:


Supplies needed:

Old ball (a tennis ball* works great)
About 1/2 yard of Fabric (You can use an old t-shirt or spare fabric)
A piece of fabric ribbon


  1. Cut your fabric into two strips – roughly 6″ x 14″
  2. Fold the fabric strips in half and wrap around your ball (placing the ball in the center of the folds). Tie your ribbon as tight as you can around the base of the ball after wrapping it several times around.
  3. Cut the tail of your fabric into several 2″ wide strips, then using three strips at a time braid them into sections. Braid as tightly as possible to make it harder to destroy.
  4. Tie several tight knots at the end of the braids
  5. Play time!


This fun dog toy will keep your pet entertained for hours. It can be used as a fetch toy, or just as a chew toy. Make a few at once so you always have a backup! Enjoy your new DIY dog toy.