How to Make Your Pet Love The Vet

Does your pet suddenly become nervous as you get to the vet’s office? While some pets may love the vet, others do not. With a few tricks, however, you can calm their nerves and make the veterinarian a stress-free visit for you and your animal.


Bring treats

As long as your pet is only in for a routine visit and is mostly healthy, don’t forget the power of treats! You can even feed them a smaller breakfast so they are hungry for the treats you bring. Our vets will be prepared with treats of our own, but if you have a favorite, bring it along.

Let out their energy

If your dog goes wild at the vet, take them for a few laps around the parking lot before you come inside. If your pet gets too excited at the event because they’ve come to expect treats, try a visit where they only get treats in the car and in the waiting room, not in the office.

Keep them calm

If your dog has a fear of other dogs, cats or noise, consider making your appointment at a quiet time. When you book in, ask when the quieter times are and  schedule in an appointment when the waiting room won’t be overloaded and you can walk right in.