How to Puppy or Kitten-Proof Your Home

In all the excitement to bring home a new furry friend, you may have forgotten that, just like babies, they are likely to get into some trouble. To guarantee the safety of you, your pets, and your belongings, you need to puppy or kitten-proof your home.


Kittens and puppies are naturally curious, and will want to eat anything in sight! These are some common foods and other items in the home that can be dangerous to pets. Throw them out or store them safely to keep pets safe.


Xylitol is a form of artificial sweetener very common in everyday products such as sugar-free gums, mints, toothpastes, certain bakery products, and more. This seemingly harmless ingredient that attracts our sweet tooth, can cause dangerously low blood sugar and liver damage in our pets.


Raisins and grapes have a toxic effect on the renal system of pets and can sadly cause kidney failure.


Poisonous plants can be unexpected but dangerous. Examples of poisonous plants can include lilies, elephant ear, poinsettia, oleander, philodendron, azalea, ivy, spider plants, holly, and potpourris.


Chocolate- hopefully you’ve heard this one before! Chocolate has a toxic ingredient called theobromine, and when ingested in high enough quantities it can cause tremors, seizures, coma, and even death.