How To Successfully Train Your Dog

When you send your kids back to school, it might be time for some schooling for your dog as well! A well-trained dog can make your life so much easier, and help you have more fun with your dog! Here are a few tips to make your dog training a success.


  1. Positive reinforcement

Does your dog have a favorite treat? Make sure you have plenty on hand to encourage your dog while training them. When he sits as soon as he hears the command…a yummy treat! The more your dog receives a positive reward, the better he will perform.


  1. Repetition

The more you practice a command with them, the more familiar those words will become to your dog. Try spending 5-10 minutes at a time focusing on one command. If it doesn’t happen the first time, try again! He may not get it at first, but after a few repetitions your dog should be able to respond correctly to the command.



  1. Have fun!

If you and your dog aren’t having fun, training will be a chore. Change up the environment, and take breaks to keep your dog’s focus. Most importantly, this should be a bonding experience for you and your dog, so the more time you are able to spend training, the more you are able to spend with your loved one.