How to Tell Your Dog Loves You

Even though your dog can’t buy you flowers or tell you he loves you, there are many ways he’ll show affection. Look out for these signs of love!

1.He cuddles after eating

Food is the ultimate motivator for a pup, and what they do after shows their second priority. If your dog comes over and cuddles with you after he’s had his dinner, that puts you second only to food! Which you must admit, is pretty good for a dog.

2. Sleeps in your bed

It’s always a big debate of whether to allow your dog to sleep in your bed or not. If your dog keeps trying to sleep in your bed, or sleeps near you, it means he’s loyal and dedicated to staying with his pack at all times. He considers you part of the family!

3. Follows you around

If your dog follows you while you’re doing chores around the house, that’s another sign she’s trying to keep the pack together. You might find it annoying at times, but remember its just your dog showing you how much he cares!


We know dogs can love unconditionally, but now you’ll be able to see exactly how your dog loves you! Look out for these signs and teach them to your kids, and then give your dog a little love back!