Learn How To Clean Your Pet’s Ears

Just like humans, dogs are prone to buildup in their ears. Unlike humans, they can’t grab a Q-tip to clean them out – they need your help!


Keeping pets’ ears clean contribute to their health and wellness by preventing irritation and infection that can be painful and potentially lead to hearing loss. Ear disease is one of the most common conditions in pets.


As well as bacteria, numerous things can work their way into your dog’s ears, including ear mites, and tiny seeds and grass bits he finds while running around the yard. This combination can all lead to ear infection, a painful and uncomfortable condition.


To clean their ears, use an alcohol-free solution like mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, or a commercial dog ear wash. Wet a cotton ball with the wash and begin to wipe the ear canal, starting from the outside, in. Don’t use cotton swabs, as they can push wax and foreign debris further into his ear, and one wrong move from either of you could injure the eardrum.


Keep an eye out for danger signs when cleaning, which may be symptoms of an ear infection. Watch for: Ear discharge, Bad smells, Redness, Swelling, Crusty skin, Hair loss, and Brown or Black ear wax. If you discover any of these things, contact your veterinarian for further treatment.