Outside Activities To Do With Your Dog

As the weather warms up this spring, there are endless more opportunities to bond with your pup outside! Take your dog outside this weekend with one of these fun activities:



Many dogs love to tag along while their owners ride. Since it can be dangerous to allow your dog to run free, you can buy bicycle attachments that attach the dog to the bike while preventing him from running too close behind and getting hurt. Don’t get carried away during your ride, however. Stop frequently for breathers, and don’t go too fast or too far.

If you’d like to take your dog camping, you can buy a real “pup” tent—a portable, lightweight “crate.” Like human tents, they can be staked into the ground.

Dog Parks

A real boon for urban dwellers is the dog park. Dog parks allow formerly leash-bound animals to romp and play in the open air not only with their owners but also with other dogs. As long as the park is filled with well-socialized dogs and dog-savvy owners, it’s a real blessing.



The classic game. Most dogs love it, but hounds and certain other breeds typically aren’t wild about it but every dog is an individual. Try it with your dog and see if they’re a natural fetcher!