Pet Jealousy and The New Baby

Cats and dogs are very in-tune with their owners which is why it is not a surprise that they can often figure out before a baby arrives that something new is going on in their home. To make the transition as easy as possible for both your fur baby and your new human baby, we are offering a few quick tips to help.

1. Try to stick to the same routine.
Although babies bounce to the beat of their own drummer most days, trying to maintain your usual routine for your dog or cat will help ease anxiety. Try to keep walks, play and feeding times as close to normal as possible.

2. Respect their space and things.
Just like you have your favorite chair or pair of sweat pants, your pet has their favorite place to lounge and chew on their best toy. Do not replace their relaxation spots with new baby gear. If you know you will need to rearrange the house to make room for baby, try to do it before the baby comes so your dog or cat does not associate their relocation with the baby.

3. Send them back to school.
If your dog is an obedience school drop out, this may be a great time to enroll her again. Behaviors that you have learned to deal with may be just fine pre-baby, but you do not want the potential of injury to you or your baby. A quick refresher course before the baby arrives will allow you to reconnect with your dog and establish ground rules for where your dog can and most importantly can not go when baby arrives.

Once the baby arrives, be prepared for some behavioral changes in your pet. They may decide to urinate on a baby blanket or defecate on a toy. This is not your pets way of acting out in anger, but rather their way of saying…”Hey, I’m still here and I miss you!” Make sure you still take time to love and play with you dog or cat so they do not feel left out or replaced.

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