Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer is always a fun season to spend with pets. Hiking, swimming, trips to the beach, and long evenings in the backyard are always better with a dog.

However, in all the fun of the season, you need to remember to keep your dog safe as well. With all this adventure, there’s an increase of risk for your dog. Instead of spending your summer in our veterinarian hospital, spend it outside and remember these summer pet safety tips.

  1. Put sunscreen on your dog

Yep – your dog needs sunscreen too! They are susceptible to skin cancer just like humans, especially pets with light skin and short or thin hair coat. The sunscreen should be fragrance free, non-staining, and contain UVA and UVB barriers similar to sunscreens made for humans. Ask our office for our pet-friendly sunscreen recommendations.

2. Hydrate!

Dehydration and sunstroke is a real risk for pets in the summer. Telltale signs of dehydration include dry gums, loss of skin elasticity, excessive drooling. Always bring a dog bowl and extra drinking water when you go on excursions, and make sure your dog has access to shade and cool fresh water in the backyard at all times.

3. NEVER leave your dog in the car

Even on a breezy 70 degree day, your car could reach 100 degrees inside. Never leave your dog or cat  inside, even for a few minutes. Leave them at home if you need to.