Three Puppy Training Tips

Stay Calm

Puppies can get excited very easy, and that’s when they develop bad habits. By remaining calm, you’ll be able to raise a calm. You can lead by example, as the dog will want to match its owner’s personality. Stay calm even if your dog misbehaves. Show your puppy what it should be doing.

Reward Often

Good consequences from actions will encourage your dog to repeat that action. Reward-based training will help teach your dog what is good and what is bad. When it goes to the bathroom outside on the grass, reward it with lots of praise. A reward can be toys, food, belly scratches, praise, or attention – whatever your dog likes most.

Ignore Unwanted Behavior

Most puppies don’t know what is expect of them – they don’t know what is good behavior and what is bad. The best thing to do with bad behavior is to ignore it. The puppy will learn that that tactic for getting attention doesn’t work, and will stop. They’ll get tired and calm down, and will eventually stop trying that action.