Vacations to Bring Your Dog With You!

Summer is almost here and it’s time to plan those vacations! This year, you don’t have to leave fido behind. Take your favorite pup on one of these dog-friendly vacations!


Dog Camp

Just like your favorite summer camps as a kid, dog camp is full of dog-friendly activities, plus While you are at camp, you can participate in events that help you become a better dog owner by listening to top trainers and having interactive workshops. Activities include hiking, swimming, agility tests, and dog diving, plus a slew of training activities and workshops.



Dogs are always welcome when you go camping! Make sure you remember to bring food, a water bowl, and a covered place for them to sleep. Before you head out, make sure the camp ground or park you’re headed to will accept dogs.



There are some cruise ships that are especially for dogs! The dogs arrive with a goodie bag and a name tag, and are taken to an area in the ship where the dog kennels are kept. Although your dog would not be allowed to stay with you, you are able to have playtime for a few hours each day. The crew members will take generous care of your furry loved one by providing feeding time, walks, indoor playtime- all while seeing the same sights as you