What To Do When You Find A Lost Pet

If you find an animal that looks lost, proveed with caution. Lost pets may be frightened or injured, and they may be unpredictable. Crouch the to animal’s level and stretch our your hand with a treat or food. Pay attention to their body language, and back away slowly if they show signs of aggression. Call animal control or police department if you don’t feel safe handling the animal.


If you succeed in approaching the pet, entice them into your car, or place a leash on them. Next follow these steps:

  • Check tags – The easiest way to help a lost pet reunite with his or her family is by checking for ID tags and contacting the owner directly. If there is no answer, always leave a message and follow up with a text.
  • Microchip scan – If the pet doesn’t have ID tags or you aren’t able to reach the owners, bring him or her to a local animal hospital or veterinarian’s office to see if the pet has a microchip.
  • Contact the authorities – Report the lost pet to local animal control, humane society, rescues, and veterinarians.
  • Make use of social media – Take a picture of the pet and share it on Facebook and other social media, including the time and location where he or she was found. Watch for lost pet posts on social media and your local Craigslist.