Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

You’ve probably noticed it. Your dog starts eating grass, and then they throw up. Or even if they vomit, you may wonder why fido is choosing to eat grass in the first place.


The technical term for eating items that aren’t food is pica, and it’s a common thing found in dogs. Sometimes pica indicates that your dog has some type of nutritional deficiency, though it is often simply a sign of boredom.


Although only less than 25% of dogs vomit after eating grass, some hypothesize that dogs eat grass if they have an upset stomach to make themselves throw up. Other researchers deny that dogs are smart enough to treat themselves.


Dogs may also eat grass due to poor diet, treating intestinal worms, or meeting some unmet nutritional need, such as lack of fiber.


Of course, your dog might just like the taste and feel of grass! They enjoy munching on greenery and do so without vomiting.


Does your dog eat grass? Each dog may have a different reason for eating grass, but a visit to your veterinarian can help find the reason, and maybe adjust their diet accordingly so they don’t eat grass anymore!